Just another website?

Yes, you could say so. When looking through the web, on other media, etc. you do see some great stuff – and – some not so great stuff. And in a world that yells at you “TMI” (too much information) or gives you an “information – overkill” due to repeatingly news or facts. And are those fact really true. I don’t want to digg into the “fake news”, but to be honest I try to have a certain “good human restraint” on every news I get. Therefore, especially while traveling and taking photos I have come across people who have never left their “home” and yet talk about how to take a photo at a certain spot, or talk about campgrounds which they have themself never visited.

All this lead to the point starting this website about stuff I have encountered myself, or at least take a critical judgment on stuff I do. So enjoy my website, my travel – blogs, and if I can be of help please do contact me.

So let’s start of by giving you some feedback on my way to become a blogger, photographer and traveler.

The past years I have learned that my most favorite hobby has focused on so called travel photography. This results from my love for traveling around the world, as well as taking photos of some impressive moments. This is a reason how acutally the main website started.

While taking pictures in the past I learned what this ment to me and how it changed my habbit for taking photos. Instead of “just taking pictures” I started to invest more time on my travel preparations, in order to use many different “components” for getting the best picture while being at a certain spot. As an example, when shooting polar lights, it does not pay to show up in northern Scandinavia in the middle of the summer and hope to see some. By trying to find the best time of the year, the best spot for me to reach, etc. I started to learn what it ment to prepare for the ideal picture. Nevertheless do I try not to waste to much time on the preparation, but it sure does help to be ready, when you get the right moment. Also going through a lot of info ahead of the game it increases the joy and fun of actually traveling. I completely understand that some people say to be more spontaneous, and I can live with that. But for me, I try to pin-point as much down before acutally arriving “on the scene”. This makes me more relax and comfortable at the time being.

But please do feel free to browse some of my favorite moments … and drop me a line if you need help.

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